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Box comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on Fedrigoni constellation black cardboard and include inside:
: three records on 140 gr pure black vinyl with total black label and black inner sleeve w/polybag padded
: three deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve with different new artwork for each title
: each single record inside box package in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from shelf wear and damage
: two professionals cd (not cd-r) that include all tracks of Lps plus all tracks from AM_Black Slaughter
: sixteen pages booklet in A5 size, with credits, replica of original tape artwork and more
: all tracks remastered for this releases
: vinyl pressed in Germany and box + cover hand made in Italy for best quality
All parts carefully assembled at Urashima headquarter and box hand numbered in 199 copies

New York Ripper
A1 Sick Mind In N.Y. (Intro)    3:38
A2 Into Your Guts    7:15
A3 Hunting For Bitches    4:08
B1 Ultimate Pleasure    1:30
B2 Twistedblood    3:45
B3 Childfucker    2:05
B4 Gein's Lunch    3:02
B5 New York Ripper (Theme)    4:06

Lesion 22
C1 Dead Perfection (Version 2)    3:40
C2 Cold Pleasure I    3:10
C3 Cold Pleasure II    3:38
C4 Border    2:52
C5 Painless    5:35
D1 Lost Control    4:20
D2 Nervestrain    3:01
D3 She Was Beautiful, Dead    3:39
D4 No-End Torture    4:53
D5 Electrocution    3:19
D6 Penetrate    2:49

E1 Once More    12:47
E2 A Quiet Night Of Muder    5:36
F1 Symphonie Morgue # 12    10:10
F2 I've No Idea What I'm Going To Do    8:30

New York Ripper / Black Slaughter
CD1-1    Sick Mind In N.Y. (Intro)    3:38
CD1-2    Into Your Guts    7:15
CD1-3    Hunting For Bitches    4:08
CD1-4    Ultimate Pleasure    1:30
CD1-5    Twistedblood    3:45
CD1-6    Childfucker    2:05
CD1-7    Gein's Lunch    3:02
CD1-8    New York Ripper (Theme)    4:06
CD1-9    Black Slaughter (Intro)    0:54
CD1-10    The Mind Of A Killer    7:48
CD1-11    Nekroskopik Examination    7:11
CD1-12    Morte    4:32
CD1-13    In Dahmer's Apartament    6:34
CD1-14    Necrosadism    7:48
CD1-15    Death For Company    5:51
CD1-16    Black Slaughter (Reprise)    0:52

Lesion 22 / Spasmosynthetics
CD2-1    Dead Pefection (Version 2)    3:40
CD2-2    Cold Pleasure I    3:10
CD2-3    Cold Pleasure II    3:38
CD2-4    Border    2:52
CD2-5    Painless    5:35
CD2-6    Lost Control    4:20
CD2-7    Nervestrain    3:01
CD2-8    She Was Beautiful, Dead    3:39
CD2-9    No-End Torture    4:53
CD2-10    Electrocution    3:19
CD2-11    Penetrate    2:49
CD2-12    Once More    12:47
CD2-13    A Quiet Night Of Murder    5:36
CD2-14    Symphonie Morgue # 12    10:10
CD2-15    I've No Idea What I'm Going To Do    8:30

New York Ripper: All tracks spitted in July 1994. Originally released on Slaughter Productions tape - SPT23
Lesion 22: Recorded between DEc. '95 and Aug. '96. Originally released on Less Than Zero tape - LTZ009

Spasmosynthetics: Tracks improvised on Halloween, 31/10/97. Originally released on Labyrinth tape - Maze 009

From the booklet: No changes of pitch or volume were made in the mastering process.

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