CONTRASTATE The Illusion of Power CD

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The re-release of the two re-mastered tracks available on the very limited 10″ Lathe-Cut Vinyl released for CONTRASTATE’s first live appearance in Italy on october 12 2019 at OEC’s historical venue, the CONGRESSO POST INDUSTRIALE.
Plus 4 brand new and unreleased tracks.

Brexit: a dark tunnel driven by fear and past anger and the desire for war against the other, or a symbol of Europe’s popular imagination breaking free from its disaffection to re-invent itself.

Is the real price war by any means necessary?
A sonic soundtrack to an apocalyptic world that is hypnotic, yet still full of dynamic sounds and shifts.

Their sound insinuates itself somewhere inside the dark ritual ambience of the electronic avant-garde shot through with a vein of experimental noise and sarcophetic vocals strewn amongst industrial surrealism.

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