DAHLIA´S TEAR Through the Nightfall Grandeur CD

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We welcome Dahlia's Tear back to Cryo Chamber. After 6 years of silence this veteran dark ambient producer is finally back with a new album. Through the Nightfall Grandeur is a dreamy and multi-layered melancholic journey through worlds both inner and outer. 

"The dreamer watches you from atop the onyx tower. You are in his domain now, a world within a world beyond the dreamsphere where reality is born anew. Snow flakes melt on your neck as you peer out over a jagged landscape, is this real? You've asked yourself this question more times than you can remember, awakening from each dream within a new dream. Reality has grown into an old weathered memory, left behind at the surface of that first deep dive into the subconscious." 

The album revolves around a spiritual awakening where the shattering loneliness of the protagonist fuels the search for meaning. We follow through moonbathed nights on a journey through dark abysses, snowy mountains and desolate moors. 

A detailed and layered album that takes many repeat listens to fully explore all the complexities, one mystery at a time unto enlightenment.

1.Encroaching Shadows Beckon to Chase the Fleeing Light 06:44 
2. The Keeper of Broken Dreams and Tattered Spirits 07:01
3. Forlorn Whispers on a Moonlit Path 05:47
4. The Frozen Echoes of the Endless Moor 06:35
5. Bitter Silence of Desolate Steps 06:04
6. Drowning in Delusions of Grandeur 05:25
7. Lamenting Memories Long Past in the Remnants of Darkness 05:07
8. Drifting into the Void Grasping at Fading Starlight 05:33
9. Lost in the Crystalline Enigma 04:36

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