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In November 2020, KMRU self-released »Drawing Water«. The release contained 3 supple works of porous resonance and intimate motion, giving way to a very heartfelt body of work that peers directly into the fabric of the everyday; gestures, movement, conversation, rendered graciously into waveform.

Now, Vaagner is proud to present a special edition vinyl and cassette reissue of »Drawing Water« via its A Sunken Mall imprint, with the original material spanning the first side of the record in remastered from.

For the second half of the record, the label has taped none other than Abul Mogard, who prepared a new piece by reworking various layers from KMRU’s original compositions.

This new 17 minute long piece, tilted »Drawing Water On Matching Teal Surfaces’« is defined by a continuously cascading and deeply resounding solemnness, which, towards the work’s concluding moments, gradually disperses through a subtle downpour of warm pads, delicately rippling through the fabric of the work, before gently dissolving into thin air.

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