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Atrium Carceri presents us the album Forgotten Gods, exploring the underworld beneath our cities.

Far below the abandoned subway stations and sewers our reality collapses as tunnels turns to labyrinths and ritual halls where ancient cults chant in the dark. And deeper still, old civilizations of insectoid guardians and biomechanical priests guard outwordly artifacts and passageways to the ancient city.

Here roam the forgotten gods whom the unfortunate dwellers of the dark worship.

Here roam the hybrid creatures forged in the Machine City as its decaying birthing chambers cry for human eggs and seminal fluids.

Here the gates to the ancient city opens momentarily into the eternal labyrinth if you'd be unwise enough to visit...

Recommended for fans of Industrial Dark Ambient, Occultism and Hypnotic Unholy Rhythms

Hardcover Digibook CD and Digital Download comes with a 16 page booklet with art and text by Simon Heath

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