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DARK MATTER How Cold is the Sun CD

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Another CD of CRYO CHAMBER a label run by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri) focusing on deep high quality dark ambient with a cinematic edge. How Cold is the Sun presents a journey to the deepest black, a highly unsettling album from German Ann Jachec. Her nightmarish soundscapes easily seep into the psyche of the listener. Drone like bottoms, scraping highs and an atmospheric balanced resonance in the mids creates not only a very well mixed voyage, but a touching one. This is dark ambient that constantly morphs and surprises the listener, both disturbing and beautiful.

Comes in nice designed 6 page Ekopak.

Written, Produced - Ann Jachec Mastered by - Gulnar ( Illness )

Artwork - Peterius



1. Be Yourself for Me 08:20

2. Creature Called Human 10:08

3. Obscured by Clouds 07:16

4. Something Like .. Home 06:17

5. Reality is just an Illusion 06:30

6. Of Fractured Light and Void 07:14

7. Every Empty Evening 09:40

8. Psychomachine 04:59

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1 - 1 von 37 Ergebnissen