TOMB OF EMPIRES Foundation Hope / Council of Nine / Alphaxone / Coph`antae Tryr CD

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We welcome some new faces to the label with this 4 split release between some of the more mysterious and sacred sounds of the dark ambient scene. With the chaotic sounds of former CMI artist Foundation Hope, the mysterious enlightenment of Alphaxone, the distortion drone heavy Coph`antae Tryr to the fresh and inviting bass rumbles of Council of Nine, this is one dark journey of soundscapes delving deep into humanities history.

1. Council of Nine - Chimes of the Unfortunate 09:29 video
2. Alphaxone - Mysterious 06:10
3. Coph`antae Tryr - Comprehended 04:28
4. Alphaxone - Near to Nothing 08:05
5. Coph`antae Tryr - Nothing to Near 04:31
6. Foundation Hope - The Kind 04:34
7. Foundation Hope - The Beacon 04:14
8. Council of Nine - Blood Lit Skies 12:20

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