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The 6th full-length album of FIRST LAW is setting real moments of artificial and creative substance. Intermittent bass and percussive elements as well as thrilling sound structures arrange a wide aural spectrum from ambient to drones through analogue modulations to complex compositions with outstanding vocals on top. Conceptually don't get it wrong, this album is not about religious airheads getting their way. This is not about the threat terrorist attacks impose on any of us, nor has it the intention to proliferate violence as a viable way to change the status quo. At the least, as long your opinion stands against the opinion of the majority, you are pretty much out of luck. No, this album is about leverage; it is about deception and opportunity, by accident or by design; it is about resignation and self-delusion; but most of all, this album is about fear.




Serendipity Is A Hoax 9:34
Under The Sea 10:22
Life Can Be So Beautiful (But Even The Best Drugs Wear Off) 13:55
Terrorforming Earth 5:21
Dance In Your Chains 9:13
Vile 13:21
Clad In The Veil Of Self-Deception (Happily Ever After) 10:20


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