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New album Soundless Sphere by avantgarde veterans Strafe F.R.

Soundless Sphere is the all new album by Duesseldorf duo Strafe F.R. It contains eight pieces combining treated vocals, multidimensional rhythmic structures and heavy electronics forming a bright and lively sonic landscape. The album also emanates a sense of urgency fitting for our times. Soundless Sphere was mastered by Kai Blankenberg.
A sister release with different and yet amazing unheard sounds, entiteled Octagon Sphere, will be released later this year by aufabwegen as a vinyl LP.


STRAFE FÜR REBELLION was founded in 1979 in Düsseldorf by the two artists Siegfried Michael Syniuga and Bernd Kastner. Conceived as an experimental project rather than a band, the duo is active since the early 1980s, they continue to work together to this day.
They demonstrated their subtle abilities in numerous performances and concerts. The members of STRAFE FÜR REBELLION see themselves as researchers on different visual and acoustic levels; they always make use of their idiosyncratic and unusual humor. The duo emphasize that they not only explore the world of music, but also incorporate elements of knowledge, and thus all usable influences, into their experiments. Working plans, storyboards, and compositional schemas usually serve as the basis for new musical projects.
Their texts reflect their interest in science, history, philosophy, as well as everyday phenomena, mass media, and popular culture: in their experimental sound experiences, performances, and installations STRAFE FÜR REBELLION are absolutely avant-garde, working at the forefront of research-performatively, acoustically, visually, and in a variety of media. Their motto always remains aesthetically uncompromising with serious pleasure.

Gregor Jansen
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

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