GYDIA Ár var alda (In ancient times) CD

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This is Gydja's second appearance on the Winter-Light label, the first being on our '... that first season' DCD compilation back in 2017.

Now Gydja (Abby Helasdottir) returns to Winter-Light with her spellbinding new full length album, 'Ár var alda (In ancient times)'.

Thick, expansive drones, woven through with intricate percussive elements, unearthly vocals and atmospheric field recordings. An album of deep, primordial dark ambient comprising of 9 tracks, across four movements.

English translation:-

1: That which was not
2: A chasm gaped
3: Winters unmeasured ere earth was made
4: The Great Measuring Tree beneath the earth
5: Nine worlds I recall, nine giantesses
6: Down from Elivagar did venom drop
7: And waxed till a giant it was
8: And thence arose our giants' race
9: The sun from the south warmed the stones of earth
released April 16, 2021

Composed, produced and recorded by Abby Helasdottir at Ultrasound between 2015 and 2020

Additional performers:
Lyn Goeringer: vocals on Ór Élivágum stukku eitrdropar and þar eru órar ættir komnar allar saman

Serena Helasdottir-Cole: percussion on Svá óx, unz varð jötunn, rainsticks on þar eru órar ættir komnar allar saman

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