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Mindwarden joins the Cryo Chamber with a moody piano filled album of calm futuristic atmospheres on the album Timeless

The raindrops slither on the window like translucent snakes. Refracted palpitations from the high-rise outside throw glittering light into the murk of your apartment. You down two tabs of hypodust as you exit the double-bolted door. The apartment building lies silent but for the faint piano notes spilling down from the penthouse far above. Most inhabitants are long gone since the Arcology went bankrupt. The hallway lies dark—another blackout, since no one services the building anymore. Time moves slow in the skeletal interior. Where once dreams were projected onto reality, the only dreams worth living now are of the sleeping kind. And so the hypodust hits, breaking you out of one slumber, only to cast you into another.

Recommended for fans of Lingering Piano notes, Misty interiors and Introspective Science Fiction

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