S.E.T.I. Believe Night Imagination CD

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Track list:

   1. The Relics (short version) 0 - 05’29”
   2. Opp 1 05’30 - 11’42”
   3. Opp 2 (Still Listening to the JECE) 11’43” - 19’47”
   4. Opp 3 19’48” - 28’51”
   5. Opp 4 28’52” - 40’20”

A scientist sits with his head in his hands, still listening for signals
that he hopes will rescue the inhabitants of Earth. Why should the other
planet people care about us?

Over 30 years ago, I began using the acronym S.E.T.I. as an alternative
outlet for my musical projects. Eventually moving into ambient territory
with ‘Knowledge’, ‘The Geometry of Night’ and ‘Sleep Environments for
Interplanetary Travel’, amongst numerous titles.

Back in 1992 I was happy that it stood for the ‘Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence’, however it has become clear that, from my
point of view at least, it now represents the ‘Self Extermination of
Terrestrial Inhabitants’.

These tracks, which were to be performed at 33YLOKI in Berlin, represent
an honest and open-hearted state of affairs as I see them. This
performance, not without flaws, was captured live to digital stereo as a
way to communicate my presence with you, my friends, despite not being
physically with you all.

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