WHITEHOUSE Thank your Lucky Stars 2xLP

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The original LP was recorded in September 1988 at Albini's Chicago studio and then issued on Susan Lawly as a 4 track 12″ vinyl release.

A special CD edition followed in 1997 on CD with extra tracks from other sessions in Chicago recorded around that time.

This limited double vinyl edition features all that material in addition to the legendary original 13:36 version of My Cock's On Fire recorded at IPS, London in 1984.
The set is limited to just 500 copies and will be sure to sell out fast.

1. Hungry For Pain
2. Thank Your Lucky Stars
3. Try And Be Grateful
4. My Cock's On Fire (New Version)
5. Neronia
6. Sadist
7. Still Going Strong
8. My Cock's On Fire (Long Version)

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