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After their acclaimed album Black Corner Den, Atrium Carceri teams up with Cities Last Broadcast once more to bring the 19th century to life. 

Meet the bearer of all the keys and protector of the holy order of things. Come and drink your way to an elegant dream. 

Black Stage of Night is the result of a year of nightly studio sessions, again in the company of the trustworthy lantern. Two Swedes, separated by the Atlantic Ocean and united in their vision to create an album that invokes the dream state. 

”Can you feel it? The mind becomes the attic. High above the murky streets. A window overlooking the great order of things. Here comes the night to warm itself. Chaos unmade. Darkness drawn to the light and kept company. Sleep now or spend the quiet hours by the lantern. It will be lit all night.” 

Crooked tape loops combine with piano and acoustic resonances. A melancholic, dusty and timeless album that grows and pulsates. 

The CD version comes in a 16 page hard cover deluxe DigiBook with matte lamination. Digital booklet included with download. 

1. Mind Turns to Night 04:16 
2. Attic and Wormwood 03:37
3. A Glass of Sleep for an Elegant Dream 03:12
4. All Things Nocturnal 05:36
5. Chaos Unmade 05:12
6. A New Constellation 04:38
7. The Great Order of Things 04:48
8. Night Becomes Morning 03:34


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