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Collaborative effort between Frédéric Arbour of famed dark ambient label Cyclic Law and his solo project Visions, and Montreal based ambient/experimental project, Skinwell. Conceptually it oscillates around the northern elements of Glaciers, Winds and the exploration of such rugged territories, both physically, intellectually and spiritually. Musically, it brings us 4 tracks of massively scaled power drones, barren ambience, and black hole atmospherics, each piece starting in a more minimal fashion, then slowing escalating into a hypnotic spectrum of melting drift, ascending and descending tones, and undercurrents of distant industrial churn. Only time will tell if this is a one off project, but for now, drone enthusiasts and dark ambient purists can unite and revel in this fantastic offering. 4 panel digipak, lmtd 500 copies.

"...broad drones characterizing the grandeur and timelessness of glaciers, whispers of icy wind, and deep groans of ice floes. It’s exceedingly well-done and carefully executed..." Teutonkhamat

"A definite recommend for those who think they can handle the bitter frost contained within this disc." Grimtower

"What a giant this “Foehn” is!...There are a few more atmospheric passages on “Foehn”, but overall it’s an absolutely uncompromising production. At the same time this album absorbs the listener 100%. "

1 Skorneg 11:12
2 Serac 9:43
3 Foehn 9:19
4 Sherpas12:23



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