GYDJA Þj​ó​ð​á​ar Fn​æ​stu Eitri CD

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Winter-Light bids a very warm, welcome return to Gydja (Abby Helasdottir) with the follow up to her highly regarded 'Ár var alda' album.

This new sonic saga continues the journey that began in 'Ar var Alda' with its depiction of cosmic creation within the vast primordial void of Ginnungagap. Now the focus turns to Élivágar, the great eleven-fold river whose venomous waters flowed into the void in that moment of cosmological nascency, and would continue to make their way through the underworld after the establishment of the universe.

These eleven Þjóðáar Fnæstu Eitri ('mighty streams, spewing venom') act as markers of liminality and initiation, dividing zones of both geography and experience, and bearing names that define their transformative characteristics: Leiptr (lightning), Fimbulþul (mighty mumbler), Gjöll (resounding), Fjörm (hurrying), Sliðr (terrible), Ylgr (she-wolf), Gunnþrá (battle-trough), Svöl (cool), Við (wide), Hrið (storm) and Sylgr (swallower).

As has become the trade mark of Gydja's sound, the eleven tracks that make up 'Þjóðáar Fnæstu Eitri', have been intricately layered and meticulously crafted. Employing both graceful and subtle use of sounds, the listener is drawn into the journey, traversing each rivers flowing waters.

Vast drones, percussive atmospherics and soft intricate electronics, underpinned with deep bass and ancient sounds.

English translation:-

1. Lightning
2. Mighty mumbler
3. Resounding
4. Hurrying
5. Terrible
6. She-Wolf
7. Battle-trough
8. Cool
9. Wide
10. Storm
11. Swallower

s of sedative ambient and for drifting into a place of comfort.

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