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With their latest album, Da-Sein are well on their way, have made some live appearances in front of diverse audiences, and have been gathering experience. Experience can be seen to have flowed significantly into Da-Sein’s second long-player Mirror Touch. An exceedingly organic work – the opposite of sterile and digital – which lends, with masterfully applied distortion and lo-fi effects, additional complexity and depth to the analogue foundation. Kas Vision’s lyrics also add a sensation of depth, marking highlights, and are enhanced by her darkling vocal intonation. And Darkness is also the slogan – within which type of format frequencies take shape, fractured music arises and rhythm drives: It pushes from within the Darkness, and takes us with it into the Darkness. 

A potem będziemy razem spada.

1 Blood Moon
2 Cut Your Tongue
3 Inertia    
4 49 Days
5 Marazm
6 Ill Fated
7 Beauty For Ashes
8 Mirror Touch
9 King Ov Pain
10 Bones
11 Hex

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