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First released in 1996, `The Geometry of Night´ is the second album of Andrew Lagowski´s deep space sound project which marked a reference point to his works under the name LAGOWSKI. A classic album with laid back percussion, finely-tuned electronics, dark atmospheric synth waves and soundscapes. All constructed around a central premise; 'The Geometry of Night' perfectly describes the themes of night sky surveys, surveillance operations and radio telescope disinformation with the advice to keep a wary eye on the dark side of human nature. This is a remedy for the lonely nights staring at your social interface, the melancholy for lost opportunities and a hope for what lies beyond the nearest nebula.  

This newly re-mastered edition includes the sister album `Companion´ with more than 60 minutes of new material. The concept involves companions, bound together by molecular chains, enveloped in dark matter and history. Swirling endlessly within infinite illuminating spirals. Their BrEAUTalitY - answerable only to the laws of universal physics and spiritual cosmology. A stunning soundtrack of deep hypnotic drones, textured layers of noise and space transmissions. Moving extra terrestrial sound research to its deepest core!

This double CD set comes in a nice 6-panel digifile. Mastered at Secretlab.


CD 1 The Geometry of Night

Fire Night
String Theory
Music Box
Mare Crisium

CD 2 Companion

SN 1993J
Sirius B
Cygnus X-1
Roxs 42Bb
RR Caeli Cataclysmic Variable
SN 1993J Revisited


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