PHELIOS At the Mountains of Madness LP

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With its majestic atmosphere, complex dronesaceping and deep cushions of textural shamanic percussions Martin Stürtzer paints with his 5th album of Phelios another aural picture. This is channeling the unimaginable and connects with the cubes and subterranean caverns of echoing, vaporous, wormily honey-combed mountains of madness. Epically scaled soundwaves creating a fantastic, daemoniac glimpse, among the churning zenith-clouds, of what lay back of those other violet westward mountains which the Old Ones had shunned and feared.

Limited 300 copies.

Tracklist LP (Loki 70):



Mount Erebus

Opalecent Void

The Sea Cavern

Crypt of the Old Ones

The Glacial Creature



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