PROTO U / OLJUS Mørketsland CD

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ProtoU & Oljus join forces on this Viking inspired dark ambient album. Ritual drumming and deep drone echo through dark forest and underground caves.

Welcome to the heart of the Nordic forests, where the rustling of leaves and the cool breeze fill your senses. You breathe in the rich, earthy scent of pine, as you survey the towering trees that surround you.

The night sky is a deep, velvet black, punctuated by the glimmering of stars. They cast a soft, ethereal light on the clearing, as if observing the mysterious events about to unfold.

The forest is alive with the sound of chanting, a distant hum, growing louder and more intense as it approaches. Drums join in and reverberate through your chest.

You watch, mesmerized, as the elders perform the ritual, their movements fluid and otherworldly. Their raspy voices rise in unison, the chanting builds to a fever pitch as they summon forth powers from beyond the veil.

The old gods watch from Valhalla to lend their blessings to fight new gods that smell of flowers, and not mead.

Recommended for fans of Ritual atmospheric ambient swept in northern winds

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