V.A. NORDIC AUDIO MODERN 2012 CD (inade, deutsch nepal...)

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There is nothing much to say about this record. Only that it was created by dedicating new and previously unreleased tracks by the legendary world famous ambient/industrial bands to the cult festival NORDIC AUDIO MODERN. To this record at least three new tracks were loaded by a legendary Der General, also known as Deutsch Nepal. It is simply the best compilation of 2012. I bet on that for “a tank of methanol”!



1. land:fire - most people were silent [live]

2. circular - the contour of a dream

3. deutsch nepal - regen2

4. herbst9 - ina babilim wašib

5. fjernlys - everlasting

6. ex.order - shuchu ryoku pt.03 [nam2012rmx]

7. deutsch nepal / trepaneringsritualen - swollen [rmx1]

8. inade - the engine of inferno

9. in slaughter natives - blood testural

10. maldur atai - keylogmantra

11. deutsch nepal - balnitza babichek

12. oro! oro! - priešmintys

13. survival unit - those about to die

14. trepaneringsritualen - kannibal vampyr


Album lasts for 79 min. Lim. E 500. AUTARKEIA

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