PROTO U Anomalies CD

PROTO U Anomalies CD

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3 years has passed since ProtoUs Cryo Chamber Debut album Lost Here. Sasha once again visits the realms beyond reality in this dream heavy sequel. 

All this seems familiar. The gentle wind sets everything into slow motion once again. Distant tones of fractured memories pop in and out. Emotions flow. You barely feel the ground beneath. At least it feels like a surface. Not the one your feet are used to. Visions return. Cascading you with abstractions yet somehow you find sense in all of this. The return was inevitable. But first you need to escape 

Recommended for fans of dreamy dark drones and ethereal atmospheres

1. The Escape 08:04 
2. Transparent Clusters 09:38
3. Electric Grounds 08:56
4. Lucid Sequences 06:00
5. Chamber of Visions 09:00
6. Ghost in You (part I) 06:58
7. Pellucid Waters (feat. Hilyard) 10:00

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