TERRA SANCTA Disintegration CD

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Four years after the release of the highly acclaimed Aeon CD, Disintegration finds Australia´s Terra Sancta in fine form, having delivered another sweeping, dark ambient epic. Expanding on the sounds explored on his previous releases, Disintegration pushes the levels of intensity to new heights, featuring four long and texturally turbulent emissions of formidable power and depth. With it´s enormous washes of stormy drones and billowing, multi-layered atmospheres, these are tracks that grow and build to such a degree they seem to collapse and erode under their own weight, strewing particles into a vast horizon and creating a broad panorama of ever changing desert colored hues. A completely enveloping and engulfing release, this is dark ambient on a massive scale, something Terra Sancta seems to have a knack for creating and something few do so well. Jewel box with 6 panel booklet, designed by Vestigial. Listen to 10 minute track "The Shifting Sands" in it's entirety at the Malignant mySpace.. MALIGNANT

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