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From Canadian duo Northumbria (Jim Field and Dorian Williamson) comes this guitar based ambient drone album. This album is the product of recording sessions during late 2013 and most of 2014, and was heavily inspired the Norse discovery of Baffin Island in Canada over a thousand years ago. The Vikings called this new discovery Helluland... "the land of flat stone" in Old Norse.

1. Because I am Flawed I Forgive You 08:30
2. Still Waters 05:07
3. Sacred Ground 04:24
4. Maelstrom 04:14
5. A Door Made of Light I 04:29
6. A Door Made of Light II 02:54
7. Song for Freyja 05:28
8. Catch a Falling Knife I 06:38
9. Helluland 11:20
10. Catch a Falling Knife II 04:38



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