KAVE Ominousium CD

KAVE Ominousium CD

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Kave is the solo work of Netherland’s Bram Gollin. Ominousium reflects on a mental and physical hardship and serves offers a glimpse into past periods and events, bringing to light hidden states and emotions. Where some dark ambient tend to conjure heavy and oppressing atmospheres, Ominousium aims to induce a meditative experience where inner landscapes are forged and the listener is left to wander through his own interpretations of these cinematic soundscapes.
Edition of 500 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 6 tracks. 40:00

1 A House Amongst The Weeds 2:56
2 The Tribes Of Nyx 5:37
3 Stuporous 4:54
4 Wind Apathia 5:52
5 Alter Terra 7:20
6 Ominousium 12:27

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