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Enmarta returns with his second album on Cryo Chamber, The Hermit. Dusting off his Viola he tackles the dark ambient genre with a great deal of string works. Thick fog rolls in over majestic mountains as The Hermit reads his dusty books. The cold wind knocking on the rusted gate, begging the soaring tower for attention. A lingering smell of burnt oil from agitated torches left standing til dawns first light.

Layering drone, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, Enmarta has created something unique. Invoking an ancient era where time is stagnant and where secret wisdom stays locked away from the masses prying eyes.     

1. Apokatástasis I 02:34
2. March of the Priests 10:04
3. Journey to the Celestial Rivers 05:48
4. Apokatástasis II 09:15
5. Passing 04:36
6. The Hermit 06:16
7. Temple of Abandon 08:16

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