UGASANIE Ice Breath of Antarctica CD

UGASANIE Ice Breath of Antarctica CD

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1. To the Land of Storms and Mists 03:48 
2. Shores of Antarctica 08:55
3. The Boundless Snows 07:56
4. In Antarctic Night 05:57
5. The Pole of Absolute Coldness 06:30
6. On the Ice Shelf 03:36
7. Approaching Storm 04:11
8. Quiescency and Silence 07:07
9. The Desert of Ice and Loneliness 07:47

Ugasanie returns with his 5th album on Cryo Chamber. This time exploring the vast landscapes of Antarctica. 

The snowstorm builds on the horizon as the ice crackles under your feet. The faint call of someone beyond the blinding blizzard. 

A subdued and chilly album in the isolated style that is Ugasanie's expertise.

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