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Glacial Movements brings bvdub and Netherworld together for their first official collaboration... but more importantly, a testament to a friendship that has endured and grown for well over a decade - and the pinnacle of the GM catalogue to date.

Quite simply, the "equilibrium" of a glacier is the point at which its mass of snow and ice that comprises its mass is forever in balance - neither advancing nor receding... the frozen and slightly less-so forever in balance. Cold depths below freeze all in sight, while warmth above melts and shifts all below... but equilibrium is forever the point where permanence prevails - the gritty warmth of bvdub above, the glacial cold of Netherworld below, locked in a line that forever remains the perfect point at which they both exist as one.

Written and produced by bvdub & Netherworld
Mixed and mastered by bvdub
Design by bvdub, layout by Rutger Zuydervelt

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