I.CORAX From gOLDem flesh to silverb ONE CD

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3rdAfter a long period of unavailability we are proud to release the third official release of I.corax ‘from gOLDem flesh to silverb ONE' through our Stellar Mansion series. The album was originally released by Blue Sector in 2003 and presents material created exclusively for a live performance, taking place at KMY's 5th year anniversary on 27th of September in Turku, Finland.

The album was recorded live in studio while rehearsing for the performance, and presents a natural combination of surreal synthetic noises and drones, analogue synthesizers, hypnotically looping samples and heavily manipulated field recordings spiced up with various horns made of animal bones, bowed instruments and occasional human whispers and words. This is a monolithic, hypnotic and all-encompassing work in a field of abstract and experimental Finnish dark ambience; transformative aural alchemy that will spiral deep within.

The album is enclosed inside a newly designed and silk-screen printed cardboard covers including three offset printed insert cards and a four panel booklet.

Limited to 500 copies.





1 Untitled 4:51
2 Untitled 9:06
3 Untitled 2:02
4 Untitled 4:05
5 Untitled 6:14
6 Untitled 1:47
7 Untitled 7:58
8 Untitled 9:36




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