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Northaunt is the ambient project of Norwegian Hærleif Langås, and has since the late nineties released 4 albums where the signature sound is a mix of field recording from nature, soundscapes and ambient, inspired by norse nature and landscapes and our role as a part of nature. 

The composing of ISTID came as a reaction to our modern lifes, our world and how it sometimes seem confusing, stressful and noisy. Put of by all this and inspired by books about earths history, iceages and the forces that formed the landscapes we have today, Hærleif started making ISTID, Iceage in Norwegian, to imagine a world of silence before man. This is the 3rd album in the series and we can now imagine man is about to start his lonely quest for meaning in the desolation. 

The frozen winds of the north lash and temper the soul. Their constant breath drags the listener towards the more organic part of “Istid III”. Dark ambient made in Norway, third chapter of the Northaunt trilogy, hinged between the horizons of a remote Ice Age. Imperceptible the continuum between Part I and Part II. Some will-o'-the...  more

CD 6 panels digipack in matt laminated finish + UV spot gloss 

1. Part I 08:04
2. Part II 08:22
3. Part III 07:35
4. Part IV 10:17
5. Part V 10:08

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