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With his dark ambient project Apócrýphos, Robert Kozletsky has shown a proven ability at creating multi-layered and highly detailed soundscapes. Working as a duo alongside Kyle Carney, he takes that skill and applies it to his death industrial alter-ego, Shock Frontier, carving out a sound residing somewhere between the “new wave” of American power electronics (The Vomit Arsonist, Steel Hook Prostheses) and the classic sound of Cold Meat Industry (Deutsch Nepal, Megaptera). “Tumult” is a world enveloped in a perpetual haze of post-apocalyptic soot and radioactive ash, where deadening percussion, reverberating factory drones, samples, and atmospheric washes of hostile electronics churn and whir into a polluted, endless expanse. The follow up to 2013’s debut Mancuerda Confessions, Tumult is a more intricate, more oppressive, and more finely honed release, and a logical extension of the Shock Frontier sound. Featuring contributions from Gnawed, Kristoffer Oustad, and Noculture, in 6 panel DVD digipak skillfully designed by Chris Angelucci of NTF Design & Print.

1. The Cold Illucid World (feat. CMK) 08:04
2. What We Are 04:35
3. Duress 07:24
4. I Am Afraid & Bringing Fire (feat. Gnawed) 06:03
5. Ashes Of Others 08:27
6. Once Assured Of Salvation 09:02
7. Forfallen (feat. Noculture) 07:46
8. Our Vain Illusion 05:38
9. Tumult (feat. Kristoffer Oustad) 09:00


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