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The Bubblegum Industrial Revolution continues at Entartete Musikk with a co-operational album featuring the legendary Reutoff and Deutsch Nepal. The music have been under construction for 10 years so expect a real longtime refined product with a taste  of methanol. The sound spectrum spans from Electronic Orgone Accumulation in the deep underworld, over softly cuddeling ambientpieces  to Apocalyptic Rythmic Wardance ... million of years passing and the crowd is crying blood. White horses playing ping-pong with their golden feces...? Cosmic Metall of Alcohology twisting arms and legs round vibrating Monolits of sound... 

Who dares  to torture the three lipped man?  Reutoff feat. Deutsch Nepal - Eating the Dust is a bombastic expedition through rottening minds and haunted places. A marriage  between beasts producing their bad seeds and poisoningour souls ...have a taste of it! Wo Wa, Arnold pR and Lina Baby Doll 
smashing their heads together to get their orgone accumulator started and when happening there's no return, your life will feel like a waste of time. C'mon bring in the Night!

1. Freedom as an Island 09:01
2. Amphibian Shadow 08:16
3. Vertex Insolitus Tenebrarum 07:56
4. Eating the Dust 09:22
5. Terrible Place 08:48
6. Flame 07:03
7. The sleeping Beholder 06:20
8.  Alcohology(methanol rework) 09:52

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