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After the concert in Prague last year in may, we followed the proposalof friends to play some acoustic instruments spontaneously on top of the hill, in Troja, into a circle of stones installations. Zithers, Tubes, Bells, Rattle and Shells, Flutes..the sessions wereinspired from the special place and the spring's vibes in the wind. Therecordings that are a blueprint of the spirit of that day, were editedin studio by Alio Die, then Mathias Grassow added his electronic dronesto expand the point of view and enrich the flow and layers of thecompositions. The result in eight tracks, show how mostly static and repetitive balanced sounds can interact with our perception duringthe listening time, bringing us into an active and intimate quiet mood, softly absorbing us into some dreams-like and time-opening experience. Mathias Grassow: Electronics,Zither,Flute. Alio Die: Drones and loops, Zither, Seeds and Tubes. HIC SUNT LEONES with: Edoardo Caputo: Bells, Sonorous Objects. Jana Kolarova: Bells and Shells


1 Winds From The Other World     8:12
2 Imitating Nature I     4:40
3 Sunday Morning Stones     6:06
4 Augoeides     7:10
5 Geomantic Energies     10:00
6 Imitating Nature II     9:02
7 Mimesis     7:08
8 Physics Of Radiance     18:08

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