AGLAIA Absolutely Deep CD

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Reverberant Skies follow eleven steps to the cosmic horizon. A meditative sound-flux, to connect with the interior skies, or to the sky we can see from the earth, in a brilliant night full of stars. Another "oceanic" album quite different from the previously four ones, and more close with “Private History of clouds” with Alio Die. HIC SUNT LEONES


1 Magnitudine Stellare 8:16
2 Atlas Coeli 6:29
3 A Boat Hunted The Edge Of The Sea 7:16
4 Mistic Glow 5:27
5 Reverberant Skies 7:40
6 Plenilune 4:03
7 Layasakta Manas 6:43
8 The Airy Circle 6:16
9 Uranometria 4:19
10 High On A Hill 4:22
11 From This Darkness Spin The Golden Soul 5:47

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