RAPOON Dark Zero 2xLP

RAPOON Dark Zero 2xLP

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Enigmatic faces stare out from tableaux on walls and caves. Impenetrable and mysterious they haunt the mind. On the last edge of vibration they cross.

Unwelcomed and uninvited.A murmur in a shadow. A last breath. They have a tendency to walk through walls. Wheels of fire spit flames into the night. A dark road echoes. The stars vanish. A face in darkness shines.
A ribbon on a trace weed. The last curl of smoke. Eyes wide and seeing.
They came.

A1 Awaiting 13:34
A2 Just Don't Wanna 5:58
B1 Ether Modulations 12:29
B2 Dark Aspect     7:03
C1 Something Other Than 8:46
C2 A Voice In Black 5:08
D1 Saints With Hell 8:33
D2 There Shall Be Signs 10:56

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