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Each track on this album was a joint project between Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti and the persons/groups credited beside the following titles. Sounds were mailed or brought to Studio 47 where they were manipulated, processed, composed and mixed with the fill collaboration of those involved.

We highly recommend headphones. Alternatively listen through speakers at loud volume. Give priority to aural senses.

Originally released 1988.

1 Feeder Featuring – Coil  8:43
2 Trapezoid Featuring – Joe Potts, John Duncan 5:12
3 Unmasked Featuring – Robert Wyatt 4:14
4 Over Abyss Featuring – Lustmord 6:45
5 Guest + Host = Ghost Featuring – Boyd Rice 4:40
6 Future Shock Featuring – Monte Cazazza 7:19
7 Core     7:40

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