S.E.T.I. The Sphere of Density 2xCD

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S.E.T.I. is one of the most important representatives of the dark ambient genre of recent years. Another incarnation of Andrew Lagowski and his most active project, with releases on labels such as Loki-Found (Power & Steel), Touch, Incoming!, VIVO, Ash International and Syntactic (Klanggalerie). 'The Sphere of Density' is his latest album, which consists of two CDs, of which the first contains completely new studio material, and the second is a record of an improvised concert that was very well received at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival. 

Both CDs depict various styles of the S.E.T.I. project. Although they were created around the same period of time, they are completely different in terms of sound character or construction of the tracks. "The Sphere of Density", as in the case of previous releases, is based on a coherent concept this time inspired by the vision of Alexander Petrovitch Kazantsev, Russian science fiction writer:"A whole cosmic laboratory of exact instruments has passed near the Moon and has communicated, by radio, priceless information about the nature of interplanetary space. It has enlarged Man's conception of the cosmos with daring brain, passionate heart, trained muscles and sensitive nerves. These people will fly in one of the following lunar ships in order to see from a lunar observatory, without the handicap of atmosphere, the constructions of the inhabitants of other planets, to discover other stars, to solve the secret of secrets – the cause of the emergence of stars, of transformation of energy into matter

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