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"Hypnosis" is the eight full length album by the long established and widely acclaimed swedish dark ambient artist Johan Levin. This new opus is a massive 2CD release! A truly dark orchestration of the subconscious levels of the human psyche as it reveals itself through our dreams. As one could expect from Johan Levin’s undeniable craftsmanship, this is an engrossing and carefully crafted work. It’s major focus and intent was to convey the intricate details and strong emotions of dreams and nightmares that were submitted by friends and fans, as well as those of Johan himself. With a strong narrative and a distinct progression from surreal melancholy to feverish fear this album is an intense odyssey through the ever fascinating subconscious mind.

Edition of 500 copies in 8 panel Digipack. Running Time 1:48

Black Feathers
Rain On Your Dreams  
Night Slept On My Arm
Lazarus Palace
The Fog Closing In
The Monkey God
Endless Staircase
Temple Of Andromeda
The Dividing Wall
Bright Dead City


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