REFORMED FACTION Save Our Ghohsts Vol. 2 CD

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Retortae is proud to present its debut release - Reformed Faction «Save Our Ghohsts» dilogy, the masterpiece from the people who could be considered as ones of the most influential in industrial music, the founders of the legendary Zoviet France Robin Storey (Rapoon) and Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air). The sophisticated delicate ritual ambient which is transferring the transcendent nature of some special places, bringing a thin air subtle atmosphere of dawn and dusk foggy moments. The below text is an authors preview of this great sound excursion to the mystical area which should be kept secret to save its ghohsts from noisy people attention.
Reformed Faction Save Our Ghohsts
On one occasion, we received an anonymous letter from someone containing a photograph that included these words, «Save Our Ghohsts». Intrigued by the possibility that we are not alone, and with little else to do during one of our typical damp, cold, windy and generally unpleasant winters, we thought we'd try to explore the phenomena of paranormal activity.
We believe that the imagination is a gaping chasm. Further, paranormal activity can be rationally explained. Or so we thought. So, with the aid of a spiritualist medium (who shall remain anonymous), night vision cameras, field recording equipment, EMF meters, flashlights and dowsing rods we set out to several locations in the North of England that have reported high and sustained levels of paranormal activity. In order to investigate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) we also recorded noise from randomly tuned shortwave radios, between the hours of 2 and 5 am on no less than 10 occasions.
We cannot reveal details of the locations that we visited, neither do we wish tell you what we saw or what we experienced. We have made use of the sounds that we recorded during these nocturnalinvestigationsandfromtheEVPrecordingsinbothVolume1andVolume2of «SaveOur Ghohsts».

With hungry eyes and thirsty ears, Reformed Faction.
North Land.
March 2013.

1 Balalailakitty     2:35
2 I Work In The Fields     6:23
3 Golgotha Complex     5:56
4 The Somnambulist     8:19
5 Sweet Home Dali Lama     4:13
6 We Work In The Fields     4:11
7 At Winters Gibbet     4:23
8 Another World     5:57
9 The Caller Of Claife (EVP)     0:48
10 Shamisenkitty     5:59
11 Bjorn Is Dead (Russe Test)     5:02


A What's History (Part 1)         
B What's History (Part 2)

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