INADE Audio Mythology One CD

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There’s more to the history of the incomparable Dark Ambient Sound Sculptors, Inade, than meets the ear. Audio Mythology One gathers unreleased material and compilation tracks, the shards and splintered remnants that litter the cosmic wasteland that is their sonic home. These are essential pieces of the vast network of sound manipulation that fills the blackened soul of night, the heart of primal urgency, haunting and dramatic, abounding with the ethereal mist of unease and dense ruminations that breathe and exhale awe with every resonant pulse. Masterful audio musings.

A.M. ONE is an introduction to the archive of INADE´s sound work. The first part of this series is focusing on unreleased and now finalised material from the recording period of „The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects“ album , V.A. compilation tracks and re-worked studio material of live backing tracks.

This regular and unlimited CD-edition comes in jewel case and 16-pg booklet.

Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann/SECRETLAB.



The Engine Of Inferno
Divine Hybrid
Nomina Nuda Tenemus
Asteroid Probe
Ethos Anthropo Daimon
The Ocean Of Fate
The Tower Of Bones




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