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Second full length from Venezuela's TRIANGULAR ASCENSION. The Chronos Anomaly is a representation of the struggle of man against the illusion of a past and a future and the subsequent degradation of our mind, body and soul. It invites the listener to open their eyes and consciousness to a state where time is but a memory, and memories are but products of the mind, where nothing is external. Keeping the signature of the previous release "Leviathan Device", the album slowly progresses from tense atmospheres to soothing melodies and sounds with the intent of inducing a form of catharsis in the listener.

Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digipack. 11 Tracks.
Running Time 80.00 Min.


1 Time Crystal     6:36     
2 Industry Of Silence     6:06     
3 Dream Devourer     6:33     
4 The Future Code     6:08     
5 End Of Time     3:56     
6 Howling Earth     8:06     
7 Sandstorm     4:33     
8 Carpe Noctem     7:11     
9 Above The Remnants     6:10     
10 Rendition     7:31     
11 The Cleansing     7:04     
12 Final Movement     5:28

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