CHRIS CARTER Electronic Ambient Remixes Three CD

CHRIS CARTER Electronic Ambient Remixes Three CD

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Chris Carter's original Throbbing Gristle rhythms and loops remixed in an 'industrial ambient' style.

This CD features ambient industrial remixes and soundscapes by Chris Carter. The tracks utilise his original 1970's and 80's Throbbing Gristle rhythm tapes as a foundation for each piece. This CD contains sub-sonics and resonant frequencies which lower specified audio apparatus may find difficult to faithfully reproduce.

All sonic artifacts and audio anomalies heard on this CD are intentional.


1 The World As A War Film 2:46     
2 Convicting People 4:50     
3 Heathen Mirth 2:04     
4 Indisciplined 4:40     
5 Not On The Heels Of Love 4:11     
6 Someone Came Over Here 6:03     
7 Still Talking 2:40     
8 Generic Terrorists 3:07     
9 The Old Man Died 3:30     
10 What Is Today 4:31     
11 Hamburger Man 3:31     
12 Dread Head 6:43

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