CYCLOBE The Visitors 2xCD

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With 13 years having passed since its initial release, The Visitors is now available again on Phantomcode.

This Double CD comes with new artwork by Alex Rose and Fred Tomaselli, as well as a specially recorded piece by Cyclobe and is housed in a beautiful laminated gatefold card case with card insert.

CD1-1     Sentinels     13:52
CD1-2     Brightness Falls From The Air 4:00
CD1-3     First Memorable Conversation With A Chimera     9:07
CD1-4     If You Want To See That Nothing Is Left 3:02
CD1-5     Strix Nebulosa 6:33
CD1-6     The Body Feels Light And Wants To Fly     8:38
CD1-7     Replaced By His Constellation     11:05

CD2-1     Son Of Sons Of Light

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