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It's been 16 years since the release of Rapoon's masterpiece entitled "The Fires of the Borderlands".

This special edition is comprised of two discs. The first is the main album which is mastered from the original tapes, therefore, it sounds significantly better to the 1998 version. The bonus disc is a 40-minute live recording for the San Francisco-based radio KFJC which again proves that
Robin Storey has mastered the ability to creating haunting sonic atmospheres.
This expanded edition of the album is packaged in a digipak sleeve and is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

CD1 - Remastered Original Album     
1 Hollow Flight     6:18
2 Groundswell     3:38
3 Cires Divam     5:05
4 Snake Of Earth     4:53
5 Omaneska     13:51
6 Deserted Shadows     7:03
7 Looking... Not Finding     8:02
8 Circling Globes     4:41
9 Talking To A Stick     3:32
10Still, So Still     5:40
11A Softer Light     4:44

CD2 - Bonus Disc     
1 Live @ KFJC 89.7FM, San Francisco, 20 July 1996     38:32

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