SPHÄRE SECHS Transient Lunar Phenomenon CD

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The fourth Sphäre Sechs album was recorded during improvised studio sessions. Using a selected set of analog instruments Christian Stritzel and Martin Stürtzer have put together a mystic, slowly evolving ambient sound. A warm cocoon in cold space longing for the enigmas of the solar system and beyond. 

Transient Lunar Phenomena are changes in appearance on the lunar surface of unknown origin. Light signals and color changes have been observed since the 6th century. The lunar events were officially cataloged in NASA technical report TR R-277 in 1968. 

1. Report R-277 08:44
2. Meteor 07:10
3. The Castle Anomaly 10:13
4. Aristarchus Plateau 09:05
5. Regolith 08:17
6. Lunar Volcano 07:24

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