REDROT Psycho Bondage LP

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BloodLust! is pleased to present "Psycho Bondage," the cruel new LP from Redrot, and the follow-up to this intensely morbid artist's 2009 7-inch single, "Deviant" (B!109), one of the fastest selling and most revered releases on the label. With this record, Ryan Oppermann -- A.K.A. The Rotbrain -- who also records under the names Fabrico Incubo, Klinikal Skum, Narcoleptic Ward, Neuntöter Der Plage, Post-Mortem Junkie, and Xombie -- has raised the Redrot moniker to a heightened level of savage necro-nihilism. As with the aforementioned single, "Psycho Bondage" straddles a hazy line between death-industrial, power-electronics, crust/sludge, and a more ferocious take on minimal synth. Early industrial culture echoes strongly throughout the album, yet Oppermann evolves a new sonic architecture over the lineage that he has previously traced, from S.P.K. - to Nekrophile Rekords - to Brighter Death Now and the early Cold Meat Industry acts - and to Atrax Morgue and the core Slaughter Productions roster. On this album, the more passive, eerie menace that he has previously traded in is further left to his other incarnations, allowing Oppermann to focus on a bass-heavy amalgamation of vicious power and pure, seething aggression. Pressed in an edition of 525 copies. Black vinyl. Black and white labels. 33 RPM. Full-color sleeves manufactured by Imprint. Protective poly outer-sleeves. Design by Malsonus (A.K.A. Jonathan Canady of Angel of Decay, Dead World, Deathpile, Nightmares). BLOODLUST

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