V.A. CERTIFIED DEAD CD (bdn, genocide organ, grunt)

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1–Arum Lilies    Martin Luther    4:34
2–Brighter Death Now    Dead Boy    4:34
3–Grunt    Cadaver    7:47
4-Necromondo    Cadaver Obedience    3:24
5–Sutcliffe Jügend    Beyond Perverse    4:40
6–In Search Of Death    Anapath    2:57
7–Femeheim    Kältetod    3:26
8–Wertham    Mourning The Loss Of My Own Shadow    4:16
9–...Today, I'm Dead*    What A Pleasant Place    4:18
10–Genocide Organ    Savagely Mauled Crucifixion    6:12

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