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Deep space ambient atmospheres and sinister drone combine for an immersive expedition to abandoned alien assembly lines on this album by Dronny Darko & RNGMNN

The on-board computer had become increasingly erratic as I approached the energy emission on the unexplored side of the planet. Eventually the AI overheated, stranding me on the lifeless, desolate lump of rock. I rode manually to investigate the energy source, and brought the AI core with me - charred cables emitting a putrid stench inside the research probe.

The alien structure towered like a black monolith under dual moons. I spent days there, roaming through deserted production halls, trying to scavenge anything I could find that was not beyond my understanding. Deeper in and further down the massive assembly lines seemed gone, in favor of smaller, separate enclosements, bathed in uniform light. Here I started to find organic remains, as well as things whose ancestors may indeed have been machines or animals.

On the third day, I found a discarded pack, stamped with the sigil of the guild. The dust that covered almost everything else seemed absent here, and instilled in me both a fervent hope and a creeping fear. It is obvious that this site has had other visitors. A thoroughly exhausting search, on foot, of the surrounding terrain revealed several crashed pods. If one of them has a functioning relay, it can be repurposed.

It will have to be done fast. Something has awakened inside, by my doing or some other force I do not know. I must be utterly certain that nothing else returns with me. But how?

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