TROUM Vorbei der Tod LP

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raubbau proudly features one of the most respected artists in the ambient genre - for over two decades german duo troum have taken the clues from their dreams and translated them into a transcending sound of majestic beauty. their drone-based compositions are mostly on the calm and soothing side, but never lack a little edginess and experiment to spice things up.

the 'vorbei der tod' lp clocks in just over 40 minutes and emphasizes a sacral, ceremonial approach. troum follow their hands-on approach of using acoustic instruments and guitar sounds rather than electronics, and create a universe of sound from there: according to its thematic backdrop the a-side is dominated by what seems like the residue of organ sounds and religious chants, whereas the b-side is more serene, immersive and hallucinatory, before the final 'theme dream' provides a ceremonious finale. the lp format is definitely the perfect fit for this material.

one is simply baffled just how expressive and captivating music so quiet and roomy can be. put on repeat to discover more of those little details, and rest assured: death is over.

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