TOMB OF PRIMORDIALS Desiderii Mortiis Svartsinn CD

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We welcome some new faces and dark ambient veterans to the label on the 6th album in the Tomb series, Tomb of Primordials. A dark exploration of the multifaceted entities of Sumerian mythology and the many dark places they inhabit. Places that still resonate with raw, ancient power.

You are invited to the dark realms of Mesopotamia, were over 5 000 years ago a civilization both physical and spiritual was founded.

Be careful of who you summon as each track on this album focuses on a specific entity of old, as follows:
Track 1 - LAMASTU
Track 2 - NAMTARU
Track 3 - PAZUZU
Track 4 - ISIMUD
Track 5 - ADAD
Track 6 - GALLU

Composed, Written, Produced & Performed:
Dahlia's Tear
New Risen Throne
Inner Vision Laboratory
Desiderii Marginis

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