SIJ / TEXTERE ORIS Reflections under the sky CD

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A collaboration between Moscow based Textere Oris and Ukrainian project SiJ comes this field recording focused release. A merger of warm tape noise fused recordings and analogue acoustics, it paints a larger than life picture of nature with a warm but at times brooding backdrop with and overlay of sacral vocals.

All tracks written by Vladislav Sikach and Ilya Fursov between 2014-2015.

Synthesizer/keyboards, field recordings & contact microphones, noises, guitar, percussion, toy piano, voice by Vladislav Sikach.
Synthesizer, field recordings, percussion, sampling by Ilya Fursov.

Mixed and mastered by Ilya Fursov.

1. Near the Dam 04:06
2. Behind the window 09:34
3. Lost 08:09
4. In the Rain 05:43
5. First Snow 09:38
6. Ortuo 03:21
7. The End 03:38

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