INADE Audio Mythology Two LP/CD

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The soul of Eternity has a voice. It has a smile that radiates dreams of ancient origin. Its yawn is vast and perilous: to view it is to sacrifice sanity. Infinite eons have passed through its throat, sometimes latticed with tectonic cosmic rumbles, sometimes threaded with dissonant whispers of devious design.
It is a place where Desolation strangles Hope with withered fingers.  The soul of Eternity has a voice. It is pure sound convulsion; it is harsh sound vibration. It speaks through Inade. Though its playground is beyond conception, where space and beyond space merge, the foundation for translation is cultivated here, on Earth, by the Masters of Dark Ambient, Inade. Audio Mythology II collects more loose strands and bleak, back-alley diversions, and gives them life. This is the breath of lost souls as they sigh, of shadows as they break into song, of unimaginable gods as they murmur and scheme.
The saga of Sonic Pioneers continues with the second part of the collection from the archive of INADE´s sound work. This release focusses on re-structured session material (1997-2011), V.A. compilation tracks (2006-2009, partly re-worked) and finalised studio recordings of live backing tracks (2012-2013).

Available as limited vinyl edition with a different track order and mixing. The Cd will be included as well in slip case with the vinyl.
Edition of 300 copies.

The regular and unlimited CD-edition comes in jewel case and 16-pg booklet.

Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann/SECRETLAB.


The God´s Script
The Collission of Conscience
The Revelation Lies Hidden
Babylon Encoded
Virescit Volnere Virtus
A Symmetric Dream
Three Million Minds





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